Footed Porcelain Bowl — Oil Spot Glaze


The overglaze detail & oil spot effect on this stellar footed bowl are “one of a kind”.

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DRAMA ✔ in a fired bowl rarely exceeds this inimitable piece. This extraordinary effect was created by layering three different glazes in varying thickness and sequence. The power and intensity of this bowl is viscerally felt by everyone who sees it. The central oil spot pattern is an attempt to honor the work of Texas potter Harding Black—a powerful influence on my early clay years.

★ Each of my glaze overlay pieces is one of a kind and impossible to duplicate. Glazing them feels like walking blind and backwards off a cliff. Opening the kiln—I always bring my hammer because I never know if they will be astonishingly beautiful or demented. Future archeologists will be delighted to discover my shard pile many-yards-deep just beyond my back door.

DETAIL ➤ This large footed bowl measures 18 diameter x 4.25 inches high with 10 diameter x 1.5 high foot ring. The scale of this bowl is illustrated by the relatively tiny 6 inch blue crystalline bowl sitting inside the 9½ inch foot ring.

★ The energetic visual effect of this piece contrasts with a surprisingly light weight of only slightly more than 9 pounds. The bowl has a uniform ¼ inch cross section and the foot only slightly more. Picked up one has the impression of a very sturdy shell.

GLAZE ➤ All of the glazes used are lead free and food safe. The glazed surface is a smooth expanse of contrasting gloss white & semi-matte blue and black which was fired in a reduction atmosphere @ cone ▲11 (1290℃). The rim is unglazed revealing and contrasting the porcelain body. This bowl is shipped with our braided foot loop for wall displaying this eye riveting piece.

HAND ➤ All of the pieces I list are entirely my own hand work: from designing the form, mixing the clay & glaze, forming my stoneware & porcelain and glazing and firing the finished work. I do everything involved but process the raw materials.

VALUE ➤ My work is not inexpensive because I have no economies of scale. Compared to industrial manufacturing ceramic handcraft is laughably inefficient. Perhaps it’s foolish to make something one step at time or perhaps that’s the only way to create unique qualities?


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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 in


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