Artisan Engineer

Dan Weaver / MakerMy name is Dan Weaver and I am the primary DESIGNER and MAKER for the range of functional ceramics described on this site. Virtually everything displayed (excepting the beautifully crafted botanical shades made by Liz, my wife and essential friend and business partner) is a product of my own hand.

Driven by economic necessity and the challenge of content choices, I am the principle designer and developer of this web site—photographing and edited the majority of the images, writing the majority of text copy and maintaining the server and security apparatus. Organizing and animating the wonderfully powerful and frequently challenging WordPress core has a significant learning curve. My how the web has changed since I first posted my Water Stone Sink site circa 1995??

Please pursue my biography if reading more about my peculiarities interests rather than bores you.

Friend and Apprentice Nancy Werth — Detailing Sink
Friend and Apprentice Nancy Werth — Detailing Sink

In addition to the essential contributions of my wife Elizabeth—I occasionally have extra hands attempting to offer more help than hindrance in the shop. This has always been apprenticing workers who were considering my line of work or the occasional family member tricked into painting a few planks in my white picket fence.

— Dan Weaver