Seeing our effort to develop an Artisan Lab educational facility steaming ahead is heartening. We are encouraged to see the unique benefits we will be able to offer as Artisan Lab grows and matures. Access to high quality equipment and supplies will make unique projects come alive in a variety of media, with artisan mentors spurring your potential to a new level.

New Yorker Cartoon "Artisanal Everything Inc"
“Artisanal Everything Inc” Cartoon from The New Yorker Magazine.

In addition to developing immersive residential Artisanship Programs, we are creating a series of hands-on Mini and Mega-Makeshops. The Lab will be a magnet for maker-enthusiasts to hone skills and create innovative projects in a supportive environment.

Our inaugural, Crystalline Glaze Makeshop (any and everything you wonder but can’t imagine about growing crystal on molten glaze) will run October 14th through 16th, 2021. This immersive 3 day hands-on Makeshop will walk participants—start to finish—through the complex process required to manage crystalline glaze development. Participant activity will be video recorded for YouTube sharing. If you have ever wanted to be in the movies—now’s your chance. First come, first serve — hesitate and you will miss this boat (many Makeshop opportunities will follow).

We seek Partners — who are passionate about practicing and teaching traditional as well as hybrid processes. Partners excited to make a serious commitment to establishing a uniquely powerful “Maker Space” educational facility on the beautiful coast of Maine.

Through our ongoing search for long term resident partners our transition to a collaborative non-profit Artisan educational will become a reality.