Artisan Engineer and Process Designer  I explore a varied combination of interests, skills and materials. As a focused MAKER I have never regretted the long hours and persistence required to build & maintain a small hand craft business over the last 45 years. Though it has never been easy I would unequivocally make the same choice again. I have always been determined to honor my skills through daily use as long as I can physically exercise the opportunity.

It may help to understand my perspective or perhaps more accurately my predicament if you look at it as an addiction. When my hands are busy, I consistently and genuinely lose track of time. As an intuitive animal, I have really never had any choice but to follow my instinct.

I encourage you to explore the following threads to better visualize the sense and substance of my varied output and activities.

— Dan Weaver

Wood Lid Cup Set

I have been working wood since early childhood (too short to see the top of a band saw table) and have an affinity for the variety and beauty of this natural resource. I am a skilled carver, cabinet maker and lathe turner of this versatile material and frequently create forms which combine wood and glazed ceramics. Please reference the following to appreciate the results.

Glaze Loves Wood  (Slide Show)


Blue Celadon Bent Porcelain Vase

Extruded Stoneware and Porcelain  captured my attention and appreciation when I suffered a painful period of tendinitis (from excessive chain saw use) causing me to find ways to continue clay working for many months with one functional hand. The necessity to continue earning my living prompted an intense exploration of the pros and cons of die making for hand and pug mill extruding.

Extruding Porcelain Vases  (Video)


Dan Pug Building

Benefit of Building a Self Feeding Pug Mill — Following the purchase of a 60 ton Ram Press I was surprised to find The Press preferred a diet of fully plastic clay—so what does one do? After an extensive search revealed no modern pug mill plans whatsoever—I reversed engineered, designed and fabricated a self feeding de-airing Pug Mill to keep The Press productive and happy.

Self Feeding Pug Mill  (Video)


One Finger Tenmoku Mug

Four Decades and Counting — is ample time to create a wide range of functional Stoneware and Porcelain. I have always found designing things for everyday use challenging and fun. Forming and firing and daily using a simple mug is surprisingly satisfying for me and made more so when I am able to make enough to supply others with the same simple and satisfying experience.

Kitchen and Table Forms  (Slide Show)