Crystalline Process

In 2011—Dan began trying his hand at crystalline glaze firing and was fascinated by the results but wished that he could actually see the crystal progression as they were formed by heat and time. However, you can’t just look inside the kiln while it’s firing at 2,156 degrees Fahrenheit—the intense light would seriously damage your eyes, and even with safely goggles the molten glazed form itself is almost completely obscured by the incandescent light. But this did not deter Dan; he was determined to find a way to safely watch and image capture crystal growth. In collaboration with astrophysicist Bob Taylor, crystalline potter Christine Taylor, and National Geographic Photographer Bruce Dale, Dan has devised a unique process to photograph crystalline glazes while they are firing inside the kiln. Without damaging either his eyes or the camera, he is able to photograph and “watch” the crystals as they grow, and when they are appropriately sized and shaped, he turns the kiln off. — Joanna Weaver

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Crystalline Glaze Workshop Application

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  • Where: April 14th-15th, 2018 Class Size: 6 participants. Hours: 8am to 5pm and beyond. Price: $575/materials included. Hostel: $185/room & board.
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