Liz Biography

I still can’t quite wrap my head around how we are still here without Liz.

Liz died on November 4, 2017 after a long battle with a variety of chronic health conditions and a painfully challenged medical system.

She was incredibly kind, brave, and a vital part of our everyday lives….as well as of Maine Kiln Works.

Liz was most fondly remembered by customers as the friendly face of Maine Kiln Works, chatting with customers year after year in the shop, remembering and valuing the details of their lives that they happily shared with her. She created beautiful botanical shades with elegant designs of pressed flowers—my personal favorite being her Queen Anne’s lace and Seaweed shades. She kept all the business records organized and the pottery inventory up to date. She motivated my dad to get out and throw more mugs when stock ran low. She photographed pottery, and she did much of the work involved in setting up this new website you see now.

And on top of all that hard work running a business, she was also my mom (and homeschooled me for almost 17 years!), was a warm, loving and patient wife and loyal friend to Dan (for 29 years), and cooked an endless variety of delicious meals. All while battling chronic systemic lupus, multiple open heart surgeries, and kidney failure.

Whenever I doubt my ability to do something or feel like things are simply too difficult, I only need to pause and think of Liz to be inspired to persevere.

— Joanna