Shop Expansion

Ahhh — Breathing Room

As the new century turned — we designed & completed a major expansion of our physical shop facilities. Having worked in the same limited – and difficult to heat – space for 30 years we finally reached a point where the shop was simply not adequate to accommodate our steadily increasing production and education expansion plans.

So we took a deep breath and began a major 4000 square foot shop expansion.

I was fortunate to have neighbors that are exceptionally builders to help me plan, excavate, frame and close in the new space. We began in late September and I was applying the final roof shingles on a clear zero degree day in mid January 2002.

The entire process was a wonderful experience that I do not ever expect to repeat. Working with an enthusiastic crew 25 years younger than myself was great fun and afforded the opportunity to forge lasting friendships.

Fast forward (as we now approach 2018) with 8000 square feet of work shop space dedicated to myriad processes and tools which include: computer & data processing, glaze mixing, clay mixing, mold making, cnc machining, slip casting, wheel throwing, ram pressing, retail sales shop & inventory, wood working shops & equipment, machine shop & equipment, TIG Welder, Fork Truck, Vehicle Lift and 5 computer controlled electric & 2 LP Gas (top hat & car kiln).