Porcelain Vessel Sink — Blue Celadon Glaze X


16 inch diameter Vessel style bath sink with classic blue celadon glaze with tonal shifts over ribbed lines and spiraled throwing ridges.

Though this 16 inch diameter size is not currently in stock this is a style,  size and glaze that we frequently fire. We would be happy to respond to your back order with an estimated shipping date.

We do have 13 and 14.5 inch diameters examples of this Blue Celadon Vessel in stock for immediate shipment

Available on backorder

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An exceptionally beautiful Chun style Celadon glaze—pale sky blue—with high gloss surface smooth as silk to the touch. This glaze pools and flows over ridges and contours shifting tonal range with changing light and reflection. The translucent glaze highlights the pure white porcelain vessel form.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 9 in


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