Dazed & Amazed

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4-blue-red-shoji-500sq-68kHave you ever felt you were a spectator rather than a participant in your life? A twist on Allen Saunders expression “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.

When like an unreal dream you are startled with the gift of a George Nakashima table and within the same year a brilliantly manic friend gives you a Shoji Hamada plate saying “thought you should have this”. 

One day I find myself glazing a bisque plate which has been gathering dust in inventory for many years. As the dry glazed piece waits weeks for me to load the kiln—I walk by thinking it will not fire well and come close to washing it off (to re-glaze in another way). I finally load the kiln and happen upon the patient plate which I decide is needed to fill kiln space—even though I have zero confidence in the result.

Imagine my surprise & chagrin on unloading a piece as beautiful as any I have ever touched. A piece I seem to have made and glazed and fired—but the result of which did not come from my confused efforts. This experience is a hubris killer as well as a powerful motivator to persevere while being skeptical of one’s inclinations. Have you ever experienced anything like this?



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