“You can observe a lot by watching”

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To paraphrase Yogi Berrayou can observe a lot by watching YouTube.

If your curious how I do what I do—browsing my Water Stone Sink / Maine Kiln Works YouTube Channel could be entertaining and perhaps educational. A few of the video edits are my crude efforts but most were created by my best friend in this worldPatrick Barter. Much of the content is unusual and in many cases unique. Though I didn’t hatch female, I enthusiastically support the feelings so well expressed in Peggy Seger’s song ‘Gonna Be An Engineer’.

I am never happier than when making, breaking, mulling mistakes and wondering aloud with my hands: “what would it be like to make THAT”. A few of my THAT’s can be seen at my YouTube Channel.

Let me know what you’ve been your makin’.

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