Porcelain Bistro Mug — Deep Blue Celadon


Classic vitreous Porcelain Mug with translucent Deep Blue Celadon glaze—in search of a life long friend.

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PERHAPS ✔ you are like me and don’t consider yourself awake until you’ve nursed down a mug of caffeinated liquid. Occasionally finding my trusty mug lost before morning coffee is a calamity which stops everything until it is found.

★ Forty years of clay work IS more mugs than I know how to count. Despite the numbers, every mug has found a sheltered spot in their owner’s life. The nature of the muggy relationship is repeatedly driven home by the reoccurring frantic calls for a replacement mug just like the one purchased etc years ago. With this long-winded preamble—I offer a recently fired example patiently waiting for adoption.

GLAZE ➤ This bright translucent Blue Celadon glaze is sparkly smooth for easy cleaning. Rest assured my cone▲10 porcelain (1260℃) is lead-free, food-safe & daily-use tested. Send me a quality in-use photo or video which I promise to feature in a Blog Post.

DETAIL ➤ This two finger Bistro Mug average 3¼ diameter x 5¼ inches high and holds 14 ounces—though each is slightly different due to the hand thrown origin.  This sturdy beauty will thrive for many years with gentle attention.

HAND ➤ All of the pieces I list are entirely my own hand work: from designing the form, mixing the clay & glaze, forming my stoneware & porcelain and glazing and firing the finished work. I do everything involved but process the raw materials.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8 × 7.5 in


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