Crystalline Porcelain Lidded Vase


A delicately detailed example of Creme tan crystalline glaze over a vitreous porcelain lidded vase. Tropical Zebrano lid hand turned by Dan on a wood lathe with tiny white celadon knob hand formed on a stainless mandrel.

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Exceptional Example of Creme glazed (iron and titanium) crystalline vase with hand turned tropical wood lid. One of a kind porcelain result fired to cone 10 (1260 C) then dropped to 1140 C for 4 hours to slowly grow the zinc silicate crystalline lattice. Measures 2.375 diameter x 7.75 inch high from base to knob top.

Our unique process for capturing high temperature crystal growth images can be explored and better understood via our YouTube Channel video slideshow.

Zebrano Wood Lid (Microberlinia brazzavillensis), also called Zebrawood for its distinctive Zebra-like striations, grows in Tropical Western Africa. As well as being beautiful this wood is very durable—often used for sporting equipment as well as furniture. The wood is also innately resistant to both termites and fungi. Other names for Zebrawood include Zingana and Allen Ele. Turned by Dan Weaver the wood supplied by Rory Wood of Rare Woods in Mexico, Maine.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6.375 × 6.375 in


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