Cassole for 1.25 Quart Cassoulet


Cassole originates from the French form of the Occitan word caçòla and is the ceramic baking form used for the famous French casserole dish called cassoulet.

I have another listing for my 1.5 quart Cassole in this iron red and other glaze colors are occasionally in stock — please contact me if you prefer an alternate color.

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The Judge—my colorful friend and enthusiastic customer offers the following description of the cassole in general and mine in particular.

“Julia Child said that the cassoulet was, “the apotheosis of baked beans.”  The cassole is the traditional vessel for cooking both large and individual cassoulets.  Aficionados know that a traditional earthenware cassole is the sine qua non  of any cassoulet, that will  be well received in discerning company.

Saveur Magazine reports, in issue No. 24, that they found no U.S. makers of cassoles.

Please be advised that the finest cassoles in the world are made by Dan Weaver of Maine Kiln Works in Gouldsboro, Maine.  They are the finest because, instead of road-side pottery, Mr. Weaver’s cassoles are made of stone ware (vitreous like porcelain), fired to 2400 degrees F.  They are traditional in terms of:

1.  Shape and size;
2.  Color (tan and brown);
3.  Glazed interior, unglazed exterior

They are very rugged and beautiful.

I enjoy a well-appointed kitchen.  My Weaver cassoles are in constant use: soup/chili bowls; bread pans; meat-loaf baking; macaroni baking; server for oatmeal, cereal, mashed potatoes and rice dishes.  They are wonderful for a multitude of dishes beyond the glorious cassoulet.

Very truly yours,

Thomas Henry Nickerson”

Additional information

Weight 6.3 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 14.5 × 7.5 in


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