Our Resident program will be our premier offering—with content & duration tuned to individual skill sets, experience and aspirations. Our Artisan Residency will draw people from all over the world with widely varied interest and experience in a broad spectrum of ceramic media applications. This program will provide unique opportunities to creatively explore ceramic craft processes complementarily supported by non-traditional processes. The opportunity to leverage our exceptionally wide tool and process capacity base, in the peaceful and beautiful setting of coastal Maine has potent potential.

Apprentice Meg learning how to TIG Weld.
Apprentice Meg — TIG Welding Power !!!

Over several decades, Maine Kiln Works has had numerous Apprentices, all of whom enjoyed “not as expected” but wonderfully productive experiences. Unfortunately tenure was limited due to lack of funding or visa limitations. Sharing skills with these enthusiastic artisans has created the best memories of times past at the Kiln Works. We place high priority on establishing Partnerships which will allow us to support Artisan Residency programs as an ongoing reality.

Residency Application

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Beginning with your most recent job, please explain briefly. Please provide more than one work experience.
  • List any skills or experience that you feel is related to Artisan Lab's programs.
  • Have letters of recommendation sent to: Artisan Lab Attn: Dan Weaver 115 South Gouldsboro Road, Gouldsboro, Maine 04607 OR Send via email to:
  • Please submit two letters of recommendation from employers, teachers, or other non-relatives who can speak to your character and your personal qualities. One letter should be from an employer or teacher and the other can be from a personal source. Please ask whomever is writing your letters to follow these instructions: (YOUR NAME) is applying for a Residency at Artisan Lab, a hands-on multi-media creative educational facility in Gouldsboro, Maine. He/She will be working in a richly creative environment with access to equipment and supplies in many medias, learning both traditional and modern processes. He/She will be heavily self-directed in his/her work, while also working alongside and learning from 1 or 2 other experienced craftspeople and occasionally working with groups of students. You have been asked to provide a reference speaking to the contributions this individual will make to Artisan Lab. If he/she is accepted, the reference will become a part of the individual’s file. In a word document or PDF please tell us: 1) How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? 2) Describe the applicant's work ethic. 3) Do you think the applicant is truly interested in a residency at Artisan Lab? 4) Describe how the applicant interacts and communicates with others.